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Events in Bielefeld

Celebrate parties – visit markets – experience Bielefeld

Our Hotel Bielefelder Hof is the ideal starting point to visit all the great festivals and markets in our city. The Bielefeld main station directly opposite guarantees a comfortable journey by train.

There are appointments that are simply in the calendar of every Bielefeld citizen and many guests from the East Westphalia region. Annually recurring festivals and markets that invite you to a glass of wine, a crepe or a bratwurst are an occasion for a sociable get-together with friends.

Starting with the night views in spring, the Leineweber market, the Sparrenburgfest and the evening market in summer, to the Oktoberfest and the wine market in autumn, the year ends comfortably with the cozy Christmas market in December.

The major events had to be canceled, but the city of Bielefeld offers many alternatives to combine your stay at the Hotel Bielefelder Hof with a great experience.

You have discovered a great event in Bielefeld …

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Annual Events in Bielefeld

Night Views - Bielefeld

The Bielefeld Festival for Light and Art at the end of April

With the night views, visitors can experience interesting exhibitions, fascinating installations and surprising performances at night, discover unknown places and immerse themselves in the dazzling facets of city culture.


Leinewebermarket Bielefeld

The city festival with tradition. The Leinewebermarkt has been held annually on the last or penultimate weekend in May in the city of Bielefeld since 1974.

Once a year, the city of Bielefeld becomes an open-air event stage: then visitors from all over East Westphalia-Lippe can enjoy an extremely entertaining mix of live concerts, open-air disco, children’s program, cabaret, fun fair, street food and much more for five days. The celebration takes place in the center of Bielefeld with stages for live music and cultural acts. There are also rides and play areas for children.


Sparrenburg festival - Bielefeld

Every year in July, the huge fortress of the Sparrenburg becomes the historical backdrop of the medieval castle spectacle for three days. The Sparrenburg Festival offers handicraft demonstrations, falconry, live music and entertainment for young and old. With great attention to detail, the actors bring the Middle Ages to life. Whether archery or horseshoe hitting – visitors to the historic market can watch the representatives of the guilds at work and also lend a hand. Atmospheric music transports visitors back to bygone times – and the Sparrenburg Festival is also a real highlight from a culinary point of view.

Evening Market - Bielefeld

Fruit and vegetables, baked goods, fish and meat, specialties, flowers and more: this is what the weekly evening market offers from June to September in a relaxed after-work atmosphere in Bielefeld’s old town. In addition, the surrounding restaurateurs always think about very special offers that they offer until 9 p.m. on the monastery square. In the warm summer months there are also regular small live concerts.

Opening times:  Up to 10th of June every Thursday from 4pm to 8pm.

La Strada - Mobility Event

When a flashing bonnet is lining up in Bielefeld´s old town, it´s time for “La Strada” again. Once a year, the pedestrian zone is transformed into a mobility mile for three days. Bielefeld car dealers, bicycle dealers and mobilitiy experts will be presenting their models and services at la Strada. If you want to learn more about electromobility, are looking for a new car or just want to sit in a nice vehicle test, then La Strada is the right place.

Opening times: 13-15th of August 2021

Stadtwerke run & roll day

The Bielefeld city motorway, which is over eight kilometers long, is the venue for a very special popular sport event every year at the beginning of September. For the ‘Stadtwerke run & roll day’, a section of the Ostwestfalendamm and Johannistal will be closed and released for skaters and runners. The program includes professional competitions in various disciplines. The day also offers a colorful program for the whole family.

Christmas market Bielefeld

End the year in Bielefeld on a cozy Christmas market with mulled wine, crêpes, bratwurst and more? That is not a problem … Starting from Bielefeld main station, you will be greeted with the first stalls and carousels for the little ones at the beginning of Bielefeld city center. While strolling through the city center, you will be in the mood for the contemplative days that lie ahead and maybe warm up with a hot drink or two. When you reach the old town, you will be greeted by many small stalls selling handicrafts, gluttony and herbs. The warm lights and pleasant scents get pretty much everyone in the Christmas mood.

For this year there are already concepts to redesign the Christmas market with all necessary protective measures so that it does not have to be canceled.

Unfortunately, the 2020 Christmas market cannot take place due to the high number of corona infections.