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In cooperation with the German Institute for Sustainability & Economics, we are awarded an annual certificate.






As one of the leading hotels, the Hotel Bielefelder Hof sees a constantly rethinking, sustainable action as a matter of course for social responsibility. The development of the company must not be at the expense of the environment, the regions or future generations.

                  • energy saving light
                  • energy-saving thermostats
                  • district heating CO² friendly
                  • energy-efficient equipment & appliances
                  • ReGen elevator drive for energy recovery

The hotel industry in particular lives from its location and the people. It goes without saying that these relations must always be fostered. Efficient energy, e-mobility, organic products and the principle of regionality serve to preserve the location. The careful selection of partners and suppliers as well as the long-term satisfaction of our employees also play an important role.

  • electric-car charging stations
  • sustainable packaging
  • ReCup Dispensary
  • 100% climate-neutral electricity
  • heat/cold recovery











Good working conditions that ensure safety – Contribution to the health of employees – Training and further education for employees – Equal treatment is promoted, discrimination is prevented. This is what the Hotel Bielefelder Hof stands for.

                • training & further education for hotel employees
                • offer of a dual course of study
                • team development
                • homeoffice – opportunities
                • Growing company with secure jobs

We keep our finger on the pulse of the times and have digitized our procedures and processes as far as possible and work almost exclusively paperless.

  • digital guest directory via QR code
  • registration forms, correspondence and sending invoices by e-mail
  • internet-based communication platform for employees
  • online payment services such as PayPal, credit card, Klarna, Paydirekt










Think Green

Do it yourself – we at the Hotel Bielefelder Hof try as far as possible to fall back on our own, unpackaged means.

                  • herbs from our own cultivation
                  • purezza water dispenser for the hotel
                  • natural cosmetics in the rooms
                  • local suppliers – optimal supply chains

Since June 2022, the Hotel Bielefelder Hof partner has joined the Initiative Foodsharing Bielefeld e.V. and is now actively committed to reducing food waste together with the initiative. With the support of the professional partner, there is hardly any disposal of food.

  • cooperation with Foodsharing Bielefeld e.V.
  • recycling of leftovers and frying fats with refood
  • waste prevention and recycling





Social Responsibility

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